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UMI 2011 - Marine Minerals: Recent Innovations in Technology is the 40th annual conference of the Underwater Mining Institute, 14–18 September 2011, in Hilo on the island of Hawai‘i.

Wednesday, 14 September: Welcoming Reception and Registration

Thursday, 15 September: Technical Session I and Lava Walk

Friday, 16 September: Technical Session II, Spouses Day Tour, and Banquet Dinner

Saturday, 17 September – Sunday, 18 September: Geotechnical Field Tour (optional, advanced registration, additional cost)

List of Presentations (provisional)

(In order by last name of the main author/speaker)

Borehole Mining of Manganese at Subzero Temperatures
Gregory Abramov, Borehole Mining, Colorado, USA

Sulfur Isotope Ratio Measurements as an Exploration Tool for High-Tenor Seafloor Massive Sulfide Deposits
Raymond A. Binns, CSIRO (Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organization) Exploration Science and Resource Engineering, Australia

Mineralogy of Polymetallic Nodules in the Central Mexican Pacific
Mayumy Cabrera-Ramirez, UNAM (National Autonomous University of Mexico), Mexico

Sediment Geochemistry Associated with Polymetallic Nodules in the Central Mexican Pacific
Arturo Carranza-Edwards, UNAM (National Autonomous University of Mexico), Mexico

Rock Phosphate: Chatham Rise, New Zealand
Chris Castle, Widespread Energy (Robin Falconer, Speaker, Chatham Rise Phosphate Ltd.), New Zealand

Seafloor Massive Sulfides Related to Oceanic Core Complexes at the Slow-spreading Ridges
Georgy Cherkashov, Institute for Geology and Mineral Resources of the Ocean, Russia

Submarine Hydrothermal Activity and Massive Sulfide Mineralization at Clark Volcano, New Zealand
Cornel de Ronde, GNS Science, New Zealand

Can Radium Isotopes Give Insight into Volcanic and Hydrothermal Processes and the Sustainability of Metal-Rich Sulfide Mineralization?
Robert Ditchburn, GNS Science, New Zealand

The Strength Characteristics of Deep Seabed Sediment
Ivo Dreiseitl, Interoceanmetal Joint Organization, Poland

Obtaining Approval for Deep Water Seafloor Mineral Extraction: The Solwara 1 Example
David Gwyther, Coffey Environments and Samantha Smith, Nautilus Minerals, Inc., Australia

Road Map to Successful Commercial Deep Ocean Mining
John Halkyard, Deep Reach Technology, USA

Gold-Silver-Zinc-Lead-Rich Barite Mound Field, E. Diamante Caldera
James Hein, U.S. Geological Survey, USA

Deepsea Mining, for the Benefit of Mankind
Robert Heydon, DeepGreen Resources Inc., Australia

Comparative Study on Mining Robots Design for Polymetallic Nodules and Seabed Massive Sulfides
Sup Hong, Maritime & Ocean Engineering Research Institute, KORDI, Korea

Mineral Processing of Seafloor Hydrothermal Deposit Samples
Mayumi Ito (Shuji Futakuchi, Speaker), Hokkaido University, Japan

Extraction of Valuable Trace Metals from Ferromanganese Nodules and Crusts with Different Chemical Leaching Agents
Andrea Koschinsky, Jacobs University Bremen, Germany

Ocean Resources, Ocean Mining Frontiers in New Zealand
Alexander Malahoff, GNS Science, New Zealand

Features of Distribution Pattern of Cobalt-rich Ferromanganese Crusts on the Micronesian and Marshall Islands Seamounts
Nobuyuki Okamoto, Japan Oil, Gas and Metals National Corporation, Japan

Pelagic Sediments Associated with Polymetallic Nodules in the Clarion Area Fracture Zone
Marlene Olivares-Cruz, UNAM (National Autonomous University of Mexico), Mexico

High-resolution Side-scan Mapping of Large Areas of the Mid-Atlantic Ridge using a Fleet of Autonomous Underwater Vehicles (AUVs)
Sven Petersen, IFM-GEOMAR (Leibniz Institute of Marine Sciences), Germany

Fe-Mn Crusts of the Pacific and Atlantic Ocean: Geo-historical Aspects of Their Formation
Irina Pulyaeva, State Scientific Centre Yuzhmorgeologiya, Russia

Ocean Mining, Undersea Mining or Offshore Mining in Chilean National Legislation, in the International Law and its Technological Progress
Winston Rocher, University of Chile, Chile

The Next Frontier: Deep Sea Mining in Papua New Guinea, Environmental Impact Assessment, Monitoring and Regulation
Tracy Shimmield, Scottish Association for Marine Science, Scotland, UK

The Developing Deep Sea Mining Systems
Hans Smit, IHC Marine and Mineral Projects, South Africa

Resource Drilling of the Solwara 1 Seafloor Massive Sulfide (SMS) Deposit
Glen Smith, Nautilus Minerals, Australia

Alteration in the Nodule Coverage Due to Biogenic Disturbance in the IOM Exploration Area: Some Environmental Concerns
Valcana Stoyanova, Interoceanmetal Joint Organization, Poland

A New Concept of Easy Pre-site Survey Method of Deep Sea Hydrothermal Deposits
Shinichi Takagawa, The University of Tokyo, Japan

Conservation and Management of the Biodiversity of Deep Sea Ecosystems Targeted by Seabed Mining (Polymetallic Nodule Deposits, Cobalt-Rich Ferromanganese Crusts and Hydrothermal Sulfides): Recommendations Produced by a Panel Discussion Organized at UNESCO/IOC by the Académie des Sciences d’Outre-Mer, France.
Virginie Tilot, Académie des Sciences d’Outre-Mer, France

Application of High Resolution Elements Analysis in N-E Pacific Surface Sediments
In Kwon Um, KIGAM (Korean Institute of Geoscience and Mineral Resources), Korea

Observation and Sampling of Seamount Ferromanganese Crusts with a Remotely Operated Vehicle (ROV): Advantages in Geochemical and Geological Characterization
Akira Usui, Kochi University, Japan

IHC Merwede and DEME Join Forces to Develop Deep-sea Mining Activities
Kris van Nijen, OceanflORE, Singapore

Vertical Hydraulic Transport for Deep Sea Mining Applications
Paul Vercruijsse (Stanislav Verichev, Speaker), MTI Holland, Netherlands

Deep Sea Exploration New Technologies
Leonhard Weixler, BAUER Machinen GmbH, Germany

Prospectivity Modelling of Seafloor Massive Sulphide (SMS) Deposits in the Kermedec Arc and Colville Ridge Regions, New Zealand
Charlene Wildman, Kenex, New Zealand

Fundamental Study of UV-fluorescence Sensing System for Seafloor Massive Sulfides
Tetsuo Yamazaki, Osaka-Prefecture University, Japan

Conceptual Study of Innovative Ecological Manganese Nodule Mining System
Tetsuo Yamazaki, Osaka-Prefecture University, Japan


Conference Contact Information

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  • Ms. Karynne Morgan
  • University of Hawai‘i
  • 1000 Pope Road, MSB 303
  • Honolulu HI 96822
  • Tel: +1 808.956.6036
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