UMC 2017 • Meeting Venue: BDI

Economical, Technological and Environmental Aspects:
Cooperative Solutions For Future Deep-Sea Mining

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46th Underwater Mining Conference
September 24 through 29, 2017
Federation of German Industries (BDI)
Breite Straße 29
Berlin, Germany

The DeepSea Mining Alliance is proud to have the opportunity to host the Underwater Mining Conference 2017 on the premises of the Federal of German Industries (BDI) headquarters in Berlin for:

BDI is a convenient 15-minute stroll from the Hilton Berlin. Bus and taxi services are also easily accessible. Click here for a PDF of a map of walking routes between the two properties.

Bundesverband der Deutschen Industrie – BDI
(Federation of German Industries)
Breite Straße 29, Berlin, Germany
T: +493020281488 F: +493020282488

Brief Introduction of the BDI

The BDI is the umbrella organization of German industry and industry-related services. It speaks for 36 trade associations and more than 100,000 enterprises with around 8 million employees. Membership is voluntary. Fifteen organizations in the regional states represent the interests of industry at the regional level.

German industry is in the vanguard for research and development, innovations and exports. This is how enterprises and Germany stand their ground in international competition. Europeanization, internationalization, and digitization work to accelerate all the various developments in the economy and an attractive location like Germany has to adapt to them.

The BDI represents the interests of very varied branches of industry and industry-related services vis-à-vis governments, NGOs, civil society, and academic institutions. In explaining how business works, the BDI high- lights the impact economic policy has on society.

The BDI offers information and economic policy consultations on all issues relevant for industry, thus granting support for enterprises engaged in global competition. The BDI has a wide-ranging network in Germany and Europe, on all important markets and international organizations.

The potential of marine mineral resources is of great interest for German industry. The BDI therefore supports efforts to make use of the vast potential of successful deep-sea mining operations. Further information can be accessed here.

Conference Contacts

  • Technical Program Chair
  • Dr. Robert Goodden, President
    International Marine Minerals Society
  • Technical Program Co-Chairs
  • Professor Peter Halbach
  • Dr. Thomas Kuhn, BGR
  • Professor Andrea Koschinsky
  • Technical Program Host
  • DeepSea Mining Alliance (DSMA)
  • Conference Coordinator
  • Karynne Chong Morgan
  • University of Hawai‘i
  • 1000 Pope Road, MSB 303
  • Honolulu HI 96822
  • Tel: +1 808.956.5095
    Mobile: +1 808.295.9418

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